>More Condolences and Prayers

>I can’t say that I have ever been a believer in “death happens in threes”… but that being said, our church family has been touched by yet two more deaths.

Prayers are extended for the Walter McKamy family. Walter was a former member of Park View, and a very trusted and loved man.  His passing has affected many in our church family.  Visitation for Bro. McKamy was Friday, and the family had a private memorial on Saturday.

The other is the passing of Sister Ethel Glover, a long-time member of Park View.  Prayers for her family, friends and extended family, for comfort of hurting hearts, for strengthening of family bonds, and ultimately – for God’s Glory to be shown through it all.  Visitation will be at Noon on Monday, October 11, with the funeral to follow at 1:00PM at Park View Baptist Church.  Bro. Rick Bowlan will officiate.

While hearts ache for the loved ones lost to us, we also have to celebrate the ultimate victory that Sister Glover, and Brother McKamy are now partakers of – both the physical battles they both so valiantly fought, but for their Homecoming into their Savior’s Arms.  I pray that the family and friends of these loved ones will be able to take comfort in this reality – and that a glad reunion day is coming for all who know Christ as Savior!

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