>I AM, the Movie…

>We at Park View will be hosting a premier of the movie “I AM“.  The producer of the film and 20th Century Fox chose to premier the movie, not in theaters, but in churches nationwide.  Park View was able to be selected as one of the premier sites.  Our screening will be at 7:00PM on Friday, October 22.  There will be no admission charged, and tickets will not be required to attend.

As a brief review of the film, having just finished watching – this is not your typical movie.  This film is engaging, and requires the viewer to actually pay attention to what is going on as the seemingly diverse characters and situations are woven together.

The films essentially depicts the real-live application of God’s Ten Commandments, demonstrating how the rejection of God’s commands results in far-reaching consequences.  Each of us make decisions every day that can affect those around us – and even those we don’t even know.  Idolatry, greed/covetousness, adultery, murder, false witness, and more are demonstrated.   A term to ponder (used in the film) – absolution.  Yet real absolution is not and cannot be given by a man.  Absolution, the forgiveness for sins, only comes through Christ Jesus – God’s provision for “absolution”, or better- covering of, and forgiveness of our sins.  The Great I AM is always near – and will answer when we cry out to Him in real humility and sincerity.

There are some interesting twists in this movie, with an ending that might surprise some, and be somewhat obvious to others – but I will not spoil it for all who plan to see the movie.

This ties rather nicely with this morning’s message – “The Ten Commandments – because He Loves us!”  While it is easy to box up the Commandments as just cold rules by an arbitrary God – the truth is, God gave us His Commandments as the first of two parts of His incredible plan to demonstrate His Love for us.  God gave us the Commandments that we might know we are sinners – that we fall so very short on our own and need something more.  The second part of His plan to demonstrate His love is the work of Jesus Christ in dying on the cross of Calvary to pay the sin debt for the whole world – a Free Gift of Eternal Life for those who believe.  But the work was not done – for Christ rose from the dead and lives today, paying the way to our own eternity in Heaven.  The sad fact is, many leave His gift unused on the table – rejecting God’s Perfect Gift, instead relying on their own ability or “goodness” – and will spend eternity far removed from the presence of God, an eternity described in God’s Word as Hell and the eventually, the Lake of Fire.

Tonight, the message will continue the series on Jesus Christ, with “The Incredible Jesus!”  Come hear how Christ’s character, described in two contrasting illustrations, truly proves the “Incredibleness” (is that really a word?) Jesus!

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