>Updates and Thoughts

>Condolences to David and Sandra Wilson, and many prayers for them and their family, on the passing of David’s mother on Friday, October 2.  I know they all need encouragement and prayers.

Also, for several others among our congregation who are facing various difficulties, from medical, to emotional, financial, and spiritual, many prayers are needed.  I won’t list them here, but the Lord knows their needs.

And finally, for myself.  I am always hesitant to request prayers for my own needs – partially because of the fact that I am a man, and much like the stereotypical male, I don’t like to ask for help (a sign of weakness?), and partially because I want to “take care of it myself”.  This is obviously wrong-headed.  After all, seeking help, especially Divine help, is the doorway to Eternal Life.  But far too often, we (I), tend to forget God’s directive to carry everything to Him in prayer (Philippians 4:6).  But I have come to a point that I cannot deny that I need help – and the prayers of others.

In a previous post, I listed a few things that are weighing heavily on my heart.  One that I didn’t mention is the apparent unintentional damaging of a relationship with a brother and sister in Christ.  I believe that the biblical avenue towards restoration is through a contrite heart, sincere humility, and loving presentation of the truth, all in a spirit of reconciliation.  Unfortunately, the damage resulting from a misunderstanding and misinterpreting of something said is often done long before any explanation or reality can be.  I have placed the whole issue now in the Lord’s more than capable hands, yet I am still burdened with what I might still could do to reconcile.  I hold on to the promise of Philippians 4:13.

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