>A lot on my mind…

>dictionaryI live life with a head full of thoughts.  I know I’m not alone in this, but still – so much floods my mind.  First, I see the great things God has been doing recently here at Park View – from the additions by letter and by baptism, to the incredibly supportive people who continue to encourage me as we all grow in Christ.

But at the same time, this is all somewhat tempered by so many other things – from my Father-In-Law, who as am typing this post is at his first visit with the Oncologist for the lymphoma he was recently diagnosed with.  I see my wife who is trying her best to be strong, keeping a smile and positive attitude, though she can be read like a book – her concern is quite evident.  I see my Mother-In-Law who has never really had to deal with this kind of situation, and really isn’t sure how to feel or act, though the deep concern is quite evident.  And I see my daughters who are both too young to really grasp what is going on with their Papaw.  To be totally honest, this is really my first time dealing with cancer in the immediate family.  I find my mind wandering around, grasping for answers.

Then… I remember so clearly what God has promised – that He will work all things to the good of those who love Him.  We may never (at least while on this earth) truly grasp why these things happen to US, but one thing is certain – God can and will use all to His glory and for our benefit.  I also remind myself each and every day that God is firmly in control – nothing happens outside of His will – either directly, or by His permission.  I read a sign on another church the other day that really kind of sums it up: “Worrying is a waste of time because God is in control”.  How truth that is!

Yet another thing on my mind – something that really is a regular part of my thoughts… is why people do what they do, and act they way they act.  While I can grasp how people who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can freely and unapologetically make really bad decisions and do bad things.  What amazes me is how some who profess such a relationship can also do some of the very same things, say some of the nastiest things, and make decisions that are made without looking to God and the influence of the Holy Spirit. 

And the final two things for this entry:

Addicted – look it up in the dictionary.  Sunday morning, I will preach from 1 Corinthians 16 – leading up to what we SHOULD be addicted too.  I hope you can join us for worship and preaching!  Also – we have prayer at 9:30am, Devotional at 9:45am, and Sunday school for all agest from 10-10:45am.  Park View Kids program runs from 9:45am – Noon for ages 3-12, and a nursery is available.

And Finally – Tomorrow (Saturday, September 25), we are having a Rummage Sale.  We have an amazing assortment of items – from children-adult clothing, electronics, collectibles, furniture, kitchen stuff, technology, and so much more – all for very low prices (and most prices are negotiable!).  We are located at 900 Donovan Briley Blvd., North Little Rock, AR  72118900 Donovan Briley Blvd. North Little Rock, AR.

And as always – visit our web site:  http://www.parkviewonline.org

Have a blessed day!

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